Traffic restrictions during the Riga Marathon have been lifted

Taking into account that the measures of the “Rimi” Riga Marathon planned for October 10 and 11 have been canceled by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the changes and restrictions of the traffic planned for the weekend are also canceled, the portal “Delfi” was informed Riga City Council Department of Transportation.

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The embankment on November 11 is open for car traffic, and public transport will run according to the usual schedule on the weekend.

At the same time, residents must take into account that on the weekend, due to asphalting works, the section of Čaka and Marijas streets from Stabu to Merkela Street will be closed in any case. Preparatory work, which will not significantly affect traffic, will start on October 9 from 22:00, but the said section of the street will be closed to traffic from 00:00. The asphalting of the street will be completed on Sunday by 05:30, when the first public transport will start running and the street will be open to everyone.

On Friday, October 9, from 22:00, preparatory works will take place, which include manhole splitting, priming and preparation of equipment, while on Saturday, October 10, from 00:00 to 05:00, asphalting works will be performed from Stabu Street to Blaumaņa Street.

Also on Saturday, during the day, preparatory works for asphalting will be carried out in the section from Blaumaņa Street to Merķeļa Street (milling, excavation of wells and construction of intersection connections), but in the evening asphalting works will start in the mentioned section. They will end on Sunday morning, October 11, at 5:30 a.m., when the street will be open to traffic.

During the asphalting works, the intersections of the crossing streets will be closed for about an hour, but traffic regulators will be provided on each crossing street, which will direct the flow to the bypass streets. During the asphalting works, A. Kalniņa and Pērses streets will be transformed into two-way streets, but there are no restrictions for Stabu Street.

In case the asphalting works cannot be performed due to bad weather conditions, the asphalting will take place on Sunday, October 11, from 22:00 to Monday morning at 03:00. In this case, the section of Marijas Street and Čaka Street until the intersection of Stabu Street will be open to traffic until 05:00.

Cabinet of Ministers on Friday at an extraordinary meeting decided on the cancellation of the “Rimi” Riga Marathon and other events where mass gatherings of people are possible.

In order to cancel the Riga Marathon, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a clause stating that until December 31, outdoor events involving more than 300 people and in which there is active movement, running or a marathon cannot take place in Latvia.

In the last couple of weeks and especially in the last days, a rapid increase in the number of Covid-19 patients has been observed in Latvia. In the last day, 4551 Covid-19 tests were performed in Latvia, 137 new cases of the disease were registered, which is the highest indicator since the beginning of Covid-19. in the same way For the second day in a row, 10 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized in Latvia, according to information compiled by the National Health Service (NSS). Thus, a total of 47 patients are treated in hospitals: 42 with moderate disease and five with severe disease.

Taking into account the tendencies, the public discussion and skepticism about the usefulness of the “Rimi” Riga Marathon has increased. At the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Friday, the hottest discussions were about the course or prohibition of the “Rimi” Riga Marathon.

Initially the marathon had to take place on 16-17. in May, however, the Covid-19 pandemic due to which it was canceled at a later date. The organizers then announced that “Rimi” Riga Marathon will take place in October on the second weekend.

Following the government’s decision, the organizers of the Rimi Riga Marathon called on all participants to run the distance “virtually”.

“In recent days, the COVID-19 virus has once again caused a severe storm in Latvia and in the world, creating significant infection risks for you, us, the whole of Latvia. Although we were ready for a covid-safe marathon, everyone will be better off running virtually on holidays. we will not gather, nor run on the intended track – this time we run along other favorite trails, parks, rivers and forests, “said in a statement. “The good news is that the medals created by Junici Kavaniči have arrived in Latvia and are ready to be embedded in your collection! All registered participants, regardless of whether you go on a virtual race on holidays or not, will be able to get medals. When and how? Let’s report. Thank you for your patience, thank you to our long-term partners, thank you to the team, Riga City Council and services! We keep a spirited spirit and meet in the virtual world. “

On Saturday, October 10, the “Rimi” Children’s Race was planned, but the main starts of the “Rimi” Riga Marathon were scheduled for Sunday, October 11.

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