Traffic on health units in central Sinai

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A team from the Nakhl Health Administration inspected the health units in the Central Sinai region, to check on the progress of work and the application of precautionary measures.

Dr. Mustafa Amin, Director of the Health Department in Nakhal, said that based on the directions of Dr. Tariq Shawka, Director of the Health Directorate in North Sinai, and Suleiman Faraj Muhammad, Chairman of Nakhl City Council, a team from the Nakhl Administration passed through a number of health units affiliated with the administration.

Amin added that the team includes Muhammad Attiyah, a financial and administrative inspector, Mahmoud Ramadan Saleh, the first observer for surveillance, and Safaa Salameh Attia, the infection control officer at the administration, referring to the passage to the health units of the administration: “Al-Reid Health Unit – Health Extension Unit – Ras Al-Naqab Unit Health Contella Health Unit ».

Amin pointed to the reassurance of the progress of work in these units, the emphasis on activating the precautionary measures to prevent the emerging corona virus, following up on infection control measures in health facilities, and intensifying awareness seminars for citizens about the Corona virus and winter diseases.

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