Traffic is hindered by snowfall in parts of the Netherlands | NOW

Due to snowfall and strong gusts of wind, there was already about 106 kilometers of traffic jams on Dutch roads at 07:00 on Wednesday. Despite the spreading actions, reports have also been received about accidents, reports Rijkswaterstaat. The KNMI issued code yellow until 07:00 am, but it has now been extended until 08:00 am.

Around 7 a.m., more than 2.5 million kilos of salt had already been sprinkled. Especially in the southeast of the country there is a lot of snowfall. In the middle, east and southeast of the country, up to 5 centimeters of snow can fall in the morning.

In Utrecht, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg it is slippery in the morning because of the snow, the KNMI reports. Heavy gusts of wind of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour are expected in the (north) western coastal area. The snow turns into rain showers from the northwest.

According to Weerplaza, there is a special situation for April, which was caused by a cold northwestern current. The temperature rises quickly in the morning, causing the snow to melt away again.

Much delay on the roads

The winter precipitation has created a lot of traffic jams on the national highways. It is particularly busy around Rotterdam and Utrecht. On the A27 in the direction of Utrecht it is fixed from the Deil junction. Delays on the A15 and A4 near Rotterdam were due to breakdowns and a report about a vehicle that was too high for the Botlektunnel.

The road was closed for some time on the A27 near the Merwedebrug in the direction of Breda, after a truck hit the crash barrier. The crash barrier on the A27 near Nieuwegein also had to be repaired after damage was caused there by a scissor-mounted truck with a trailer. The A27 at Nieuwegein will remain closed until 11 a.m. Traffic can detour via the A2 and A12.

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At 8:28 a.m. there was still more than 100 kilometers of traffic jam, reports Rijkswaterstaat. There is still a lot of delay, especially in the south of the country.


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