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Traditional medicine talk organized


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Seeking to value ancient traditional medicine and strengthening its applications, traditional doctor Alicia Ana Pérez Rivera, will offer a virtual conference on July 13, through the Webitsz platform of TecNM, Zongolica campus.
She is a traditional doctor and promoter of indigenous culture, is a Pioneer of the State Council of Traditional Indigenous Physicians, and Living Human Treasure 2014; It is also recognized by Conaculta and the Ministry of Social Development, (Sedesol), for being heir and promoter of traditional medicine in indigenous areas in the state.
At 84 years old,
It has been a symbol of Traditional Medicine and with extensive experience in this field.
With this videoconference, the aim is not to lose the traditions and that the indigenous peoples take ownership of their culture, their roots and that they feel proud for the contributions they make in traditional medicine.
Rodrigo Fernández Loyola, Planning Director of the Zongolica Technology, commented that this videoconference is part of the strategies to rescue the cultural roots of the High Mountains area.
That is why at 1 pm he will be doing a live broadcast through Webinar, YouTube Web-ITSZ and Facebook Live.
She is heir to traditional medicine, since her father was a healer in the community of Cuapa Pinopa; When her father died they developed the ability to make recipes based on plants and natural resources, with which she managed to prepare teas, ointments, soaps and syrups.
She is raised in the Sierra de Zongolica; Now 84 years old, she seeks to highlight the benefits of traditional medicine and the work carried out by traditional doctors, who face adverse diseases through faith and ancestral knowledge of plants and natural resources.

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