Traditional Healer hands out free Corona medicine in Suriname

Having a roof over one’s head is a fundamental right that is due to everyone and is based on the law. This is what the chairman of the Association for Less Supportive Students in Suriname, Desie Paul van Dun, says. Staying at home is now a must, says Van Dun, because of the tightening up of the corona measures. It is necessary that everyone at this time has a roof over their head to be able to stay at home in peace, says van Dun.

The VMSS is of the opinion that working on structuring building plots and affordable homes is important in these times. Everyone can have an adequate roof over their head in this way. Especially in this Corona pandemic.

The association is in favor of tightening up the measures, but the government will also have to look at the housing and living conditions of social groups. In this case the less well-off students and young people. –

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