Traditional clubs want the big pieces of cake

When it comes to the question of how the league should distribute its funds, there are of course always opposing viewpoints. This cannot be avoided due to different interests. Now the traditional clubs have loud BILD-Information formed a new alliance and want to bring about a revolution together.

The current times are not always easy for classic traditional clubs. In the Premier League, commerce reigns almost exclusively and the clubs usually only have the choice of either giving up their own values ​​or playing in the lower league. To a certain extent, these tendencies also exist in the Bundesliga, even if they are not quite as pronounced.

In order to stop the negative development for many clubs and fans, the traditional clubs have now come together and set a clear goal: the distribution of money should be revolutionized. In the future, more money should be made for traditional clubs with large fan bases than for factory and investor clubs such as Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Leipzig and Hoffenheim.

According to the BILD-Report given the name “Team fan-intensive clubs”. This includes Frankfurt, Schalke, Stuttgart, Bremen, Bochum, Hertha, HSV, Düsseldorf and Nuremberg. Previously, there was already a similar group under the name “Team Marktwert”, to which 1. FC Köln belonged. However, Bochum, HSV, Düsseldorf and Nuremberg were not yet included.

Allianz has long been concerned with more than just TV revenue. Soon it will also be a question of how the income from the planned participation of an investor in a new marketing company should be divided. As expected, this is a sum of 2.5 to 3 billion euros.

It is now necessary for the new association to clarify what the league wants to stand for in the future. Does she want international success from her top clubs or does she want to be balanced and exciting? In any case, it is planned that the radiance of the traditional clubs should be rated higher. After all, it is Schalke, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Co, who can fill huge stadiums with their crowds of fans, polarize and make the league attractive with their radiance. For this reason, they also expect a preference in the distribution of money compared to clubs like Wolfsburg or Hoffenheim, which are more likely to be perceived as gray mice in the league and do not help their reputation.

Not much would change for the top clubs Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund if the traditional clubs were to be successful with their demands. To a certain extent, the top players in the league also belong to these, although financially they are more in the area of ​​the investor associations – or in the case of Bayern even above them.

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