Trackting Evo: anti-theft for e-bikes with eSIM and GPS, without monthly fee

Trackting Evo debuts at the Italian Bike Festival bringing the company’s experience, gained with the motorcycle alarm presented at EICMA 2018, in the world of electric bikes. Evo is in fact the compact, lightweight anti-theft system for e-bikes, equipped with an e without monthly fee despite the possibilities of active tracking of the pedal assisted bicycle.

In addition to backup battery, Trackting Evo uses the e-bike battery as its main power supply. L’app per Android e iOS it allows to know the charge level of both at a negligible (energy) cost. Application is also the key that activates or deactivates the alarm: the tag disappears and just a swipe. The technical choice is linked to the invisible installation, thus avoiding the false alarms of the wireless tag caused by the surrounding metals, problems that activation via telephone signal does not have.

Small enough to be hidden in the engine compartment, battery compartment or between frame and engine (installation possibilities vary depending on the electric bike model), the device is activated in the event of theft by launching a call, tracking the vehicle and returning the data on position, direction and speed, the result of the information collected by the digital accelerometer.


If I park and forget to activate the alarm, the system will try to get my attention with a notification, asking me to do the operation. Even in the absence of feedback, with anti-theft deactivated hence, the device track every 5 minutes the bike does not initiate a call but only the notification in case of events triggered by the sensors.

With the alarm activeinstead, to the detection of the movement linked to the theft call and tracking are activated every 30 seconds with the sending of position data and the usual notifications. The sensors on board allow an accuracy of up to 5 meters and indoor tracking is also available as well as GPS-based tracking.

The system can also be used as an emergency protection, as long as you actively choose to communicate our position. Through the application we can decide to automatically send a link to the selected contacts with our updated position in a certain period of time (for example on the Sunday when we decide to venture out on a solo tour in the mountains).

With Evo begins a path with insurance companies: it starts from Germany where customers can take advantage of a discounted fee against the installation of the device. The idea is to bring the same initiative to Italy too and contacts with companies are ongoing.

This is one of the reasons why the sale just happens via the official network with installation included in the price. The manufacturer will then work with retailers to propose the alarm already standard with the models displayed in the showroom for example.

The official warranty is not invalidated: the point of contact with the bicycle is the battery cable, no signals of any kind are read (including enabling the motor) and any connection with the control unit is avoided, limiting itself to the power supply. The backup battery, in standby, reaches up to 30 days, to be translated roughly into 4/5 days of active tracking (variable depending on the environmental conditions).

The connectivity is guaranteed by an eSIM in Italy and in a total of 49 European countries. Available from November 2020, Trackting Evo will be offered at the price of 179€.

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