TPU Is Closed, Many Residents Still Want to Visit the Tomb of Vanessa Angel-Bibi


Corpse Vanessa Angel and her husband, Febri Ardiansyah or Bibi, were buried this morning at the Malacca Islamic Cemetery, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. A number of residents still continue to arrive to make a pilgrimage to the graves of Vanessa Angel and Bibi.

Monitoring At the Malacca Islamic Cemetery TPU, at 17:20 WIB, Friday (11/5/2021), a number of residents continued to arrive at the TPU. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to enter because the Malacca Islamic Cemetery TPU closed at 17.00 WIB.

It was also seen that residents who could not enter were standing in front of the gate. Residents can only see the tomb Vanessa Angel and Aunt from outside.

The traffic flow around the Malacca Islamic Cemetery TPU also seemed congested because several residents who were driving vehicles stopped and wanted to capture the moment in front of the Malacca Islamic Cemetery TPU.

The tomb administrator, Matani, said that the Malacca Islamic Cemetery TPU was indeed closed at 17.00 WIB and reopened at 07.00 WIB. Matani also appealed to residents who wanted to make pilgrimages to come again the next day.

“Yes, it closes at 5. Tomorrow will open again at 7,” said Matani at the TPU of the Malacca Islamic Cemetery, Friday (11/5/2021).

“Yes. Already, will do it again tomorrow don’t come. Tomorrow from 7 am,” he added.

One of the residents, Putri (22), said that she came from Central Jakarta intending to make a pilgrimage to Vanessa and Bibi’s graves. Putri was still allowed to enter even though it was already 17:00 WIB.

“I’m from Central Jakarta. Yes. Allowed come in,” said Putri, Friday (11/5/2021).

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“Send a prayer for Sis Vanessa and Sis Aunt,” he added.

Another resident, Seri (51), admitted that he was not allowed to enter the cemetery because the clock was already over 17:00 WIB. Seri and other mothers took the time to make a pilgrimage after returning home from the Koran.

“No. It’s just a coincidence after reading. Yes, all of you come here,” said Seri, Friday (11/5/2021).

Seri also admitted that he was shocked to hear the news of the accident Vanessa Angel and Aunt. Even though they were not allowed to enter, Seri and other mothers still sent prayers for Vanessa Angel and Bibi.

“Yes, just pray (for Vanessa Angel and Aunt),” explained Seri.

“Surprised for sure. Poor child,” he added.

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