[TpGS 21]”Bang Huai 3rd” exhibition decided to 2021 Taipei International Game Show and EVA joint exhibition “Honkai Impact 3”

  《Crash 3rd“It was announced a few days ago that it will update the first linked version-4.5 Gospel of Tomorrow on January 22, 2021, “Crash 3rd》x《Evangelion“Linked version, and will participate in the 2021 Taipei International Video Game Show from January 28th to January 31st, and launch a large-scale physical activity with the theme of “Gospel of Tomorrow” linkage commemorative theme, bringing offline interactive experience and physical welfare rewards to the captains .

The scene will restore the classic scene layout of the original EVA, exhibiting the first machine painting pain car, the latest Valkyrie Cosplay, and the close interaction of KOLs such as Lazy Cat, Ru Flavored Spring Rolls, and Leila.

  • Crash 3rd》It will be exhibited at 2021 Taipei International Game Show, Booth N505

[The following content provides original materials for manufacturers]

The first aircraft arrives, SP Asuka arrives, and the captain is called to land on TPGS to fight together

The EVA linkage version is on the stage across the ages. There will be the first machine to paint the car, the linkage limited Valkyrie costume display, the new game version content experience, and multiple booths and stage activities against the scene of the apostle. A large number of venues are limited and waiting for the captain. collect.

The apostles are coming, participate in the on-site combat plan, and lead a lot of exhibitions to limit EVA linkage and there is no material around!

  • track”Crash 3rd》Check in on the official community website to receive , Destroy all the apostles to get exquisite limited peripherals. Exchangeable items include linkage limited posters, card stickers, L clips, stigmata acrylic pendants, etc.

  • Show the captain’s UID screen or wear the “Crash 3rd》Valkyrie costume, you can get extra One piece.

  • Photograph the pain locomotive or the Valkyrie Coser on the spot, check in and set the post to the public and #2021TGS crash 3rd, you can get one.

※ The mission card for the Apostle’s Incoming Combat and the perimeter of the exhibition are limited to one per person per day, and the number of them per day is limited.

※ Due to the needs of the event, Coser will not wear a mask during the performance. It is necessary to maintain a socially safe distance from the player and close-up photos will not be allowed. Please understand.

  • image
  • image

    Crash 3rd》Exhibition limited EVA linkage without materials

Collapsing singer x well-known live host x linkage limited Valkyrie, fighting for the better world together

From 1/28 to 1/31, “Crash 3rd》A series of exciting battles and performances will be arranged on the stage every day at specific times, and the well-known ACG Orchestra “Tiny Minim” and “Crash 3rd》The well-known live host “Lazy Cat” is here to interact with the captains. Participating in the stage activities will have the opportunity to directly bring home the Valkyrie table mats and pillows!

1/28~1/29 Special guests ACG piano goddess “Ru-flavored spring rolls RuRu”, violin goddess “Kathie Violin Huang Pinshu”, and well-known drummer “Drumstick Pole” jointly performed a number of crash 3rd classic OSTs, bringing an auditory feast to the captains .

  • image

    “Breakdown 3d” stage event schedule and a list of participating KOLs

Crash 3rd》Exquisite surrounding sales

  《Crash 3rd》All kinds of exquisite peripherals will certainly not miss this Taipei Video Game Show. You can get one for any on-site consumption. You can also get an extra “Houmei Cup Set” with a single purchase of NT$999. Don’t miss it. Up!

(For detailed peripheral sales information, please follow-up fan club information)

Crash 3rd》X 2021 Taipei International Video Game Show[EVA Linkage Commemorative Exhibition]Event Information

  • Exhibition time: January 28, 2021 (Thursday) to January 31, 2021 (Sun)

  • Exhibition location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, Hall 1 (No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City)

  • Booth number: N505

To enter the 2021 Taipei International Video Game Show, you must present the Taipei accompanying code myCode or ID card Nangang Shilian (name) registration before entering the venue. Remind the captains who are preparing to come to remember to bring their ID cards, or apply for the Taipei accompanying code myCode in advance for fast customs clearance!

To maintain public health, “Crash 3rd》The staff will wear masks throughout the process and provide alcohol to the captains participating in the scene. Public equipment and props will also be disinfected regularly. In addition, the captains are reminded to wear masks and wash their hands frequently when entering and leaving public places to prevent the spread of the epidemic.


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