Technology Toyota Supra. Manual gearbox coming soon

Toyota Supra. Manual gearbox coming soon


The new generation of the Toyota Supra could soon be offered with a six-speed manual transmission, if the results of a new study published in Japan are confirmed.

Although the Toyota Supra is considered an excellent car sport, it happens that driving enthusiasts asked, 18 months ago, before the presentation of the vehicle, that it be equipped with a manual gearbox.

So far there is still no official confirmation, but according to Japanese publication Mag-X, a six-speed manual transmission will be on the way. According to her, Toyota is looking for ways to keep the Supra an attractive option for buyers, gradually updating it and launching new variants.

Apparently the Supra will even have a six-speed manual gearbox.

And that’s what happened to the 2021 model, which will be equipped with additional horsepower, including a new inline-four engine. Then a high-performance Supra GRMN version and one with manual gearbox could be in the works.

Engine type still uncertain

It is not yet clear which engine will have a manual gearbox attached. Toyota had previously revealed tests on manual Supra prototypes and its “brother”, the BMW Z4, is sold with a manual transmission mated to a four-cylinder engine. Therefore, it is possible that the four-cylinder Supra could also have a manual gearbox.

The prospects are that the Supra GRMN can indeed accommodate the manual gearbox. Japanese studies conducted last year indicate that the GRMN could boast the same 3.0-liter, six-cylinder biturbo engine as the later M3 and M4, two cars that will be offered with manual transmission.

As there is still no official confirmation from the Japanese brand, the fact is that everything suggests that the manual transmission on the Toyota Supra is indeed a reality in the short term.

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