Toyota makes a compact module for Fuel Cell solutions

It is no mystery that Toyota believe a lot in Fuel Cell technology and that it is working to develop it and adapt it to different applications. In the automotive sector, has recently presented the new generation of Mirai able to travel up to 650 km. The Japanese company has now announced a step forward in its development project for this technology. In fact, he made a new compact module of the fuel cell system which will be marketed starting next spring.

This solution was designed to allow companies that are working on Fuel Cell products use it in a wide range of applications. Speaking of mobility in general, this module can be used for trucks, buses, trains and ships. In any case it can also be adapted to operate, for example, inside a stationary generator. From a technical point of view, Toyota says that the compact module incorporates the individual components of the new Mirai Fuel Cell system, such as the fuel cell stack, which offer greater efficiency than the previous generation.

The new module will be marketed by Toyota in four versions: vertical and horizontal, with nominal power of 60 or 80 kW. In addition to its commitment to the dissemination of its fuel cell technology, the Japanese company will continue to strengthen its role as a supplier of Fuel Cell systems to promote the development of hydrogen through the use of its products, including for companies. , with the aim of arriving to reduce CO2 emissions.

Toyota has initiated several initiatives related to fuel cell technology. Thanks to the commitment and experience accumulated, he understood that many companies working in this field are looking for Fuel Cell systems that can be easily adapted within their products. For this, Toyota has decided to design its new compact module.

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