Toyota Innova Facelift Launches 2 more days in RI, this is the feature leak


Toyota Innova The facelift will only be launched in Indonesia in two days, to be precise on 15 October 2020. However, leaked information about the new features of this MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) type of car has been widely circulating in cyberspace.

As seen in the photos of the brochure uploaded by the Instagram account automotive enthusiast @indra_fathan, featuring highlight information of Innova Venturer diesel and V Luxury petrol.

What are the new features of the Innova facelift? From the exterior, the LED projector headlamp and LED fog lamps will be embedded in the Innova V, V Luxury, and Venturer variants. The three of them will also get a rear license garnish and specifically the Venturer variant will get a bumper spoiler package. The Venturer is also equipped with new design dual tone rims measuring 17 inches, while the types G, G Luxury, V and V Luxury have 16 inch rims.

Then in the interior Innova facelift will get a new head unit. In details, the Venturer type is equipped with a 9 inch touchscreen with Radio, Bluetooth, USB, Miracast, Smartphone Connection, & NFC (check e-money balance), V and V Luxury get 9 inch touchscreen with Radio, Bluetooth, USB, Miracast, Smartphone Connection, and G and G Luxury equipped with 8 inch touchscreen with Radio, Bluetooth, USB, & Mirroring.

All types of Innova facelift will get a reverse camera. And specifically for the V, V Luxury, and Venturer variants, they are equipped with Auto AC and Rear Seat Entertainment features.

Based on the previous leaked photos, the flagship MPV car Toyota ini juga mendapatkan Side Body Moulding (Venturer), Captain Seat (G Luxury, V Luxury, Venturer), TFT Type MID (V, V Luxury, Venturer), Illumination LED/ambient light (V, V Luxury, Venturer), dan Vehicle Stability Control untuk semua tipe.


Talking about prices, according to information from an Auto2000 dealer in Jakarta, Innova facelift will experience an increase of around Rp. 15 million. “If the estimate is from the current price, the increase will be around Rp. 15 million. Each type of increase is different. There is an increase of Rp. 11 million, Rp. 12 million. But if we want to take the average, the increase is around Rp. 15 million,” said an employee of Auto2000, told detikOto, not long ago.

As an illustration, quoting on the official website of Toyota Astra Motor, the current price of the Toyota Innova model starts at IDR 359,150,000 for the GM / T variant, the GA / T type costs IDR 380,650,000, VM / T IDR 411,950,000, and VA / T IDR 431,950,000.

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