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(Elbil24): The Toyota bZ4X is the brand’s first electric car that will really be invested in a lot, but the entry of this investment has met some challenges. The company had to postpone the launch of the cars due to something as mundane as the wheels falling off when the car was put under pressure. A large number of customers were suspended because cars were completely banned from driving by their organization.

We can now report that the matter has been resolved, and that in the simplest way.

– We are delighted that the first customers will now receive their new all-electric bZ4X SUV. And our Toyota dealers across the country are ready to accept bookings for test drives, so that potential future owners can experience the car’s special features and features for themselves, says Espen Olsen, information manager at Toyota Norway, to Elbil24.


There was a gasp from much of the auto industry community when Toyota announced a driving ban, due to something as dramatic as the fact that wheels can fall out in certain situations and special loads.

It didn’t make things better that it came from a manufacturer popularly known perhaps for producing the industry’s near perpetual machines, a company that almost every year finishes at the top of both quality and customer surveys, thanks to its operational reliability.

Fortunately, the problem was of the simplest nature and by far the quickest to solve. However, Toyota took the time to investigate the problem, which has now been resolved.

The challenges came at the same time that Toyota went from wheel nuts to bolts, and it was with the bolts themselves that the challenge was, but Toyota chose to take the time to make sure this was correct.

Bolts have different degrees of hardness, which in turn affects the tensile strength. Here it is important to find the exact mean value that fits the bolt activities.

In the case of the Toyota, the challenge is solved by giving the bolts a loose sliding surface – approached like a disc – where the bolt is a cone.

That the solution lies in the bolts themselves is good news. This alone, which must be considered the simplest solution, took about three months to investigate Toyota. Had the problem been deeper, it would have taken much longer.

Great investment

The Toyota bZ4X isn’t the brand’s first battery-powered electric car, but it’s definitely their first real foray into technology. There are also other models on the way and Elbil24 has already written about what we expect will be the Toyota bZ3X. If you get lost in the terminology, we can repeat that the letters bZ stand for beyond zero and allude to zero emissions, or even better. The number 4 tells us that this is a car in segment d, where 4 refers to the fourth letter of the alphabet. The last letter, X, says the car is a crossover. Hence the full designation bZ4X.

When a bZ3X hits the market, it will be a smaller car, as the 3 indicates it is a C-segment car, a lower class than the D-segment.

WADDING OR SWIMMING?  With the bZ4X you can drive up to 50 centimeters of water.

WADDING OR SWIMMING? With the bZ4X you can drive up to 50 centimeters of water.
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Today there will certainly be joy in the living room of a large number of customers, because although cars have been banned from circulation, a fair number of cars have already arrived in stock. Customers are waiting for them and as soon as the dealers have received new wheel bolts, these will be changed quickly and the cars delivered to the customer. At the same time, the dealers open test drives with other curious customers, who evaluate the car.

Elbil24 has already seen and tested the bZ4X on a couple of occasions and Toyota has done a good job. They also stretched the rope when it comes to the car’s off-road properties and claim, among other things, that the car can wade through up to 50 centimeters of water. Of course we tried and will soon be testing the car on Norwegian soil, with new wheel bolts and a charged battery.

Then we will also carry out our regular consumption and charging tests, so that we have a good basis for comparison with other newcomers. We can’t wait for the task to arrive, but presumably the waiting customers are eager to do so much more, and now things are finally looking rosy. Problem solved!

PS. The Toyota bZ4X also comes as the Subaru Solterra. This means that this too had the same challenges, but also the same solution. This means that Solterra will now be released by the reseller to customers who have ordered as well. The Solterra will therefore also be tested outdoors at dealerships in a few days.

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