Toyota and General Motors regain pre-crisis health despite lack of chips

The two manufacturers are benefiting from the good recovery in sales in North America and Asia.

General Motors and Toyota can thank you for the good sales recovery in North America and Asia. The two car heavyweights have almost returned to their 2019 level of activity.

The Japanese giant, the world’s number one auto maker, sold 2.14 million vehicles in the first quarter of its lagged fiscal year, almost as much as the 2.31 million in the same period of 2019. Its total sales volume increased climbed 49% over one year over the past quarter, with even higher growth in North America, its largest market, as well as in Asia (excluding Japan) and Europe.

Its first quarter revenue of 61.3 billion euros exceeded that of 2019. Its operating profit (7.7 billion euros) and net profit (6.9 billion euros) are as better as before the crisis.

At General Motors, number one in the United States, even return to the situation before the Covid crisis. Its turnover of $ 34.2 billion in the second

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