Towards postponement of scrapping-balance installments and excerpt to March – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 26 – A postponement of the installments of the scrapping ter and of the balance and excerpt to 1 March 2021: this would be, according to what we learn, the government’s orientation to prevent those who have debts with the tax department called to pay again, after the suspension decided in the first phase of the Covid epidemic. The measure should therefore enter the ‘menu’ of the Ristori quater decree, even if the text of the provision has not yet been closed.

The executive would also have hypothesized the stop until 30 April 2021 on taxes for those who have suffered loss of turnover due to Covid. The measure should come with the Ristori quater decree. The new decree will confirm for December the suspensions already arranged for the month of November for the red areas and will introduce a new tax moratorium, linked to the Covid crisis: in fact, the payment of the second Irpef, Ires and Irap deposit expected for on November 30th. The measure should apply to those who have suffered a 33% drop in turnover over the half year. (HANDLE).



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