Towards a new management of the Rimatara tarodières

Rimatara, May 30, 2021 – The new management of land that has remained state-owned on the island required a mission from the Land Affairs Department (DAF) regarding the exploitation of the tarodières.

From May 26 to 28, 2021, a mission from the Land Affairs Department (DAF) traveled to the island of Rimatara, in order to regularize a situation that has become tense on the island, concerning the exploitation of tarodières. .

On effect, since establishment of a cartography from lisland setting evidence its land heritage, the country’s wish has been to identify all landowners, so that their land is legitimately returned to them.

However, certain plots of land (including the tarodières) have not been claimed to date and therefore have remained state-owned, under the management of the country. Today, this management mission, until then devolved to the DAF, has just been handed over to the Directorate of Agriculture.
It will therefore be this country’s service which will henceforth manage the exploitation of the tarodières on the island of Rimatara.

The inhabitants of the island were therefore informed that in order to perpetuate a healthy and sustainable management of these tarodières for the good of the population and of the generations to come; the establishment of a specific management system was necessary, with the establishment of rental leases for each tarodière operated.

If this approach was not really unanimous among the population, the fact remains that the great majority is ready to adopt this new management system put in place by the country.
A surveyor is also currently at work on the island to record the precise positions of all the tarodières and at the same time identify their respective operators.



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