Towards a concerted solution between Senegal and the EU; new meeting, Friday

Air transport: Towards a concerted solution between Senegal and the EU; new meeting, Friday

Following Tuesday’s meeting between a Senegalese delegation and European Union (EU) diplomats on the reopening of international air transport, further discussions are scheduled for next Friday, which could lead to a concerted solution.

Senegal therefore welcomed the holding, today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese of the Exterior, under the chairmanship of Minister Amadou Ba, of the diplomatic discussions it started with the European Union and concerning on the opening of their respective territory to nationals of third countries. The meeting was held in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and Social Action and that of the Ministry of Tourism and Air Transport representing Minister Alioune Sarr.

The ministry’s delegation was made up of the Director of Air Transport, the Directors General of Anacim, Air Senegal, AIBD and the technical advisers in charge of the Air Hub and communication. The EU was represented by its ambassador and delegate to Senegal, Mrs. Irène Mingasson, who for the occasion was accompanied by several ambassadors from European countries.

During the meeting, “The question of reciprocity, the principle of all our agreements, was previously recalled by Senegal. And the discussions which took place in a cordial atmosphere showed a real will of all the parties to find a solution. It is in this context that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism and Air Transport will transmit to the EU the latest health measures taken to feed their documentation, ”informs the press release received and resulting from the meeting. .

“While stating that the first list published is only provisional and being called for regular review, the EU wished to recall the importance of Senegal in the cooperative relations which bind them and reaffirms its firm will for everything to implement in the search for a solution ”, underlines the document. To reach an agreement, the two parties have come together next Friday for the continuation of these discussions for a mutually beneficial solution.

As a reminder, Senegal has decided to apply reciprocity to any country that has decided to prohibit the entry into its territory of airlines registered or coming from our country. This, in view of the opening of its sky scheduled for July 15, 2020, in accordance with the decision of the Head of State, President Macky Sall.

A decision following that taken by the European Union which, by deciding to reopen its airspace to other continents, published a list of countries authorized to resume their flight to the Schengen area. Senegal is not one of them.

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