Touriya Haoud lives in the Netherlands again, children stay in America | NOW

Actress Touriya Haoud has decided to move back to the Netherlands after her divorce from Greg Vaughaun and the lymph node cancer that was diagnosed with her last year. She does this without her three children, who continue to live with their father in the United States.

In conversation with AD says the 43-year-old actress that she moved with her ex-husband when he moved from Los Angeles, California to Charlotte, North Carolina on the other side of the country, but that she couldn’t thrive there. Haoud felt that the city had no culture and that the differences between white and black were too great.

“I can’t build anything there. People make comments: it’s strange that you just leave your children behind. I don’t have that feeling. The children are well off there. They go to a private school. Can play outside, which was really not possible in LA. “, says Haoud, who calls her children several times a day.

“I fly to Charlotte every month for ten to twelve days and they will be coming here for two months in the summer. I will soon also show them Europe and Morocco. The contact with Greg is also much better. He was really at my bed then. I was so sick. Brought food, was so sweet. Also for the children, who were very emotional. “

The lymph node cancer now seems completely gone, she got through the first check well. Haoud focuses on the future, possibly with a new partner. “I would like to meet someone who can touch me intellectually, has both feet on the ground. For a while I was not comfortable in my own skin, not even mentally. Too thin, I looked bad. I also had to find myself again. That took time. But now I’m ready. “

She also does not rule out a child. “Then I have to be quick, but why not? Preferably before my 45th birthday. Or else I wouldn’t rule out adoption.”



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