Tourists from Australia, the United States, Canada and Japan will need a visa to travel to Brazil again

The Government of Brazil, through the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, has announced that the South American country will resume, as of October 1, the requirement of visas for tourists from Australia, United States, Canada and Japan.

The reason that the Brazilian government has argued is that the non-requirement of a visa for these four countries was agreed through bilateral treaties in 2019 and all of them were subject to reciprocity. However, this has not been the case for Brazilian citizens, who still require a visa to enter the aforementioned countries.

This decision has been announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mauro Vieiratogether with the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Carneiro.

It should be noted that, among the affected countries, the one that could affect the Brazilian tourism sector the most is the United States, since it is the second issuing market to Brazil. During 2019, the South American country received a total of 538,532 American tourists, which represented 8.13% of the total. Likewise, applying for a visa is still one more step to travel, which could direct markets to other more easily accessible destinations, such as Mexico.

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