Tourist (27) raped by homeless person in public toilet in the heart of Paris | Abroad

This is reported by the French police to American and French media. The woman and her partner were walking along the River Seine around 1 a.m. The woman wanted to make a sanitary stop in a public toilet on the way. Her friend was waiting outside.

Suddenly he heard a loud scream and howl from the building. He took a look and realized that his girlfriend was being attacked. The woman managed to free herself after which her friend and the other people present held the suspect, who had his pants around his ankles, in a booth until the police arrived.

Local authorities confirm to the Daily Mail that the suspect is a 23-year-old homeless man from Algeria. He is currently incarcerated and charged with rape.

The 27-year-old victim was treated in a hospital in Paris. She is now back in the United States with her boyfriend, but keeps in touch with the French police and prosecutors.

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