Toulouse: they write a book to tell the story of their daughter’s fight against cancer

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In a book to be published this Monday, February 15, a couple from Toulouse testifies to their daughter’s fight against the disease on the occasion of International Childhood Cancer Day.

Agnès and Hervé Guinet faced the most terrible of trials: the loss of a child. In September 2017, their daughter Constance passed away after a seven-year battle with the disease. “When Constance was five years old, like all the kids in her class, she got chickenpox. All her girlfriends recovered, but not her, ”says Agnès. The results of the medical analyzes deliver their sad verdict: the girl has leukemia. Despite her courage, and after having experienced all possible treatments, Constance died at the age of 11.

Like 36 other families and loved ones, the couple from Toulouse recounts their years of struggle in a book to be published this Monday February 15 on the occasion of International Childhood Cancer Day. A work that is in no way tearful or fatalistic and of which one should not be afraid, specifies Agnès. “It’s a book full of hope and love. “Its main objective is to” make the population and politicians more aware of the actions carried out and to be carried out around all these diseases “. All profits will be donated to pediatric oncopediatrics research.

Lack of state support

By telling the story of Constance, her parents also wanted to pay tribute to her and “leave a mark of her time on earth”. “These children fight like real warriors. In terms of courage, we are falling short of Constance. “Despite their immense grief, and to” be able to give meaning to their life “, the couple also created the association” Constance, the little warrior astronaut “one month after the death of their daughter. “When a child dies, either you let yourself die, and that is very easy, or you get up and you continue to live for the child who could not. That’s why we created this association, we could not do him this affront to let himself die. Its goal is to help parents of children with cancer and to “promote blood and platelet donation.”

In three years of existence, “300,000 euros of actions have been financed”. The feeling of pride is also mixed with a certain bitterness. “The State gives 2% of the global budget to research for childhood cancer, it is really not enough and as soon as we ask for more, it is always no. “500 children die of cancer each year in France,” the equivalent of 20 school classes “. A figure “in constant increase”.

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