Toulouse: health actors mobilized at Place du Capitole

As part of World Health Day and the 75th anniversary of Social Security, health stakeholders are mobilized for three days at Place du Capitole. “This gathering oriented towards covid and vaccination insists that we do not want a profit on the pandemic, recalls Benoît Dupuy, South Health union representative at the Toulouse University Hospital. In addition to the opening of beds, places in the social, medical -social and animation, we also want the improvement of reception conditions and the massive creation of jobs to the tune of 400,000 all sectors combined, including 100,000 for the health sector ”. The Ségur for health was also raised: “We want equal treatment for all those left behind in Ségur starting with € 183”.

Thursday April 8 and Friday April 9 at 2 p.m., gathering on Place du Capitole with GA, towing and discussions with the public.

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