Tough races ahead for Democrats in 2022

Republicans are increasingly optimistic about taking office in key states in next year’s election races, fueled by President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings, Democratic infighting in Congress, and better-than-expected results in elections. elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

Democrats were already prepared for tough contests, but the unexpected defeat in Virginia and a close victory in their New Jersey stronghold confirmed the difficult conditions ahead. In both places, the party was largely taken by surprise by vitriolic debates in schools, and battled to retain voters put off by former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

“Biden’s approval is weighing down Democrats everywhere,” explained Charles Franklin, a pollster for Marquette Law School, who released a poll this week showing that the approval of Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers fell further. “There is no doubt that the national forces are playing an important role.”

The outgoing Democrats will play defense in Michigan and Wisconsin and try to keep a free seat in Pennsylvania. The three governorships are seen as the Democrats’ best chance to slow the rise of the Republican Party in America’s industrial belt. The Republican Party currently rules 27 states, compared to 23 for Democrats. Thirty-six governments will be in contention next year across the country.

Those contests are about to become expensive and intense, as voters and political parties increasingly rely on state leaders to promote, or block, consequential policies. Evers and Democratic Governors Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania have become prominent national figures, credited with hampering efforts by Republican-controlled legislatures to add voting restrictions and curb restrictions against voting. coronavirus.

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