Tottenham and Arsenal after Lautaro

Lautaro Martínez is not at all assured of his continuity at Inter Milan, who is already evaluating several signings to supply some sales.

Although the continuity of Brozovic, among others, has been assured, there are players like the Argentine striker who could be sacrificed to make a big box.

Despite being the offensive benchmark for the Neroazzurro club, the offers that can come from England make the Italian team delicious, who would accept the goodbye of their scorer for €70M.

Tottenham and Arsenal are the two clubs looking to sign the striker, and they already know the price they will have to pay to add him to the ranks. While Arteta’s team doubts whether to pay this sum, Spurs are only waiting for the right moment, once Kane confirms that he will leave for Manchester.

Inter seems convinced of losing Lautaro and the player would bet on trying out in the Premier League. Of course, with respect to the sports project, both options have the same options, and that the two clubs will play in Europe except for a debacle in the last days. Lautaro is already looking at England.

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