Toto Wolff is thinking about quitting

Toto Wolff will be heard during the Spanish Grand Prix on Friday. In addition to his statements that he now suddenly wants to sign the Concorde treaty on behalf of Mercedes, he also says that he himself may turn his back on Formula 1.

Wolff is the team principal of the supreme Mercedes that has dominated the sport since the hybrid era. In addition, the team won all drivers and constructors championships from 2014.

Wolff now says that not only has he discussed the future of Mercedes a lot with Ola Kallenius – the boss of Daimler and Mercedes Benz – but that he has also spoken intensively about his own future. That reports Reuters.

“These are discussions that are still going on … The discussions we have are very good. I’m glad my relationship with Ola is probably as good as it could be. I don’t want to give it all the twist that I I am leaving, because that is not the case. It is that I am also reflecting on where Formula 1 is going, what is happening around COVID, but there are also personal reasons. ”

His wife Susie Wolff also works in Formula E, and Wolff wonders if it’s time to take a step back. “Susie is in a nice place and runs a Formula E team and that means she is away from home a lot. God knows how many F1 races, I think it has been 120 F1 races in the last eight years, and so it is something we think about.

“What that will mean for the future is a decision that I will have to make, together with my wife and in consultation with Ola,” said Wolff. According to him, it does not necessarily mean that he could no longer be connected in F1 as a team boss or in another role.

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Wolff continues: “It’s just that I think about it. Because on the other hand there are many factors that make me want to stay in F1. Yet it all takes its toll and I will therefore take that into account in my decision. . “

So to be continued.

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