TotalEnergies Marketing Senegal puts its PURE lubricant range on the market.

TotalEnergies Marketing Senegal has officially launched its new range of lubricants called Packaging Upgrade & Range Efficiency (PURE). It was on the occasion of its gala evening held on May 7 at Cices that the company declined its new offer aimed at better maintenance of vehicle engines.

“It’s a cutting-edge product, both in terms of the container and the lubricant itself (…) When you’re looking for a lubricant for your car, it’s not always very simple, so the goal of the game for us , is to be able to present a range that is readable, easy to understand where a customer will very quickly find what he needs and all this in packaging that is secured with a QR code”, underlined the general manager of TotalEnergies. Marketing Senegal, Phillipe Prudent.

Employees of the company were honored at the gala evening for the launch of the product intended for motorists. Among them, retirees who have worked for more than 25 years with TotalEnergies.

The event is marked by words of greetings, encouragement, thanks but above all of perspective to the audience.

The guests and partners of TotalEnergies Marketing Senegal were treated to colorful moments and a friendly atmosphere. On symphonic notes, the Orchestra Baobab ensured the first part of the evening.
The group subsequently gave way to the Super Étoile to close in style…

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