Total cases of covid-19 in the world exceeded 39 million

In addition to the spread of the virus, the detection capacity has increased worldwide, leading to more positive cases that previously went unnoticed, according to the WHO.

In total, deaths amount to 1,099 million.

For months immersed in a health crisis, the United States is failing to reduce the circulation of the new coronavirus, and in the last 24 hours, it has registered an additional 63,000 cases.

India also remains the second country where the pandemic is on the rise, with over 62,200 cases in one day.

With 30,000 daily cases, France has become the third country with the greatest increase, which has forced it to take drastic measures, such as the imposition of curfew in Paris and other cities.

The countries of Eastern Europe entered for the first time, in nine months of pandemic, in the group of states with the highest number of daily cases, according to the WHO: the Czech Republic with more than 9,700 cases, and Poland with more than 8,000, in a just day.

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