Toshko Yordanov defeated Hristo Ivanov, sharp comparison

Hristo Ivanov is the king of untruthsbecause in the last parliament he, the BSP and “Stand up, we are coming” refused to support and participate in a government.

Thus, the chairman of the PG of ITN Toshko Yordanov responded to Hristo Ivanov’s accusations that Slavi Trifonov broke the negotiations once again.

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“I understand it, after seeing what Hristo Ivanov said today, when he is sincere, when he says what he thinks and says how they act. At the moment, the person is simply covering things up. The whole context came out on the air today, and within the context he said the things, which he said and which are disgusting. This is what the Bulgarian political quagmire looks like,” Toshko Yordanov told bTV.

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“We are certainly going to the elections, I don’t know what they are thinking of going to, but these negotiations are over because in such a vile, immoral, backroom, base game where two parties are negotiating against a third, conditions are set no matter who chairman of a parliamentary group. This is absolutely insane, as if I were to say who is in charge of the DB, it is not my job, I have no right to say such a thing,” Yordanov added.

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“The good thing is that everything happens in front of people’s eyes. They are not incapable of making a decision, although a large number of politicians think in this way,” he added.

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“Do you notice how unfortunate it is, we currently have a cabinet in resignation, which will perhaps become the longest-reigning cabinet in resignation. When this government receives a vote of no confidence, it hangs around for 5 or 6 days, for the first time in Bulgarian history, without going to tender their resignations and they sent them by courier to the president.These are people you have to shovel out of their offices. It’s a pity, no difference between them and Boyko Borisov“, added Toshko Yordanov.

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