Torture in Kharkiv region: police lieutenant colonel dismissed

Photo: National Police of Ukraine

In Kharkiv region, a policeman knocked out a confession of murder from a detainee

The National Police Officer was officially declared suspected of torture. He can go to jail for 10 years.

In the Kharkiv region, a police lieutenant colonel who tortured the detainee was fired. This was announced the day before by the Department of Internal Security of the National Police.

“Internal security officers of the National Police and the State Bureau of Investigation announced to the above police official about suspicion under the article on torture (part 2 of article 127 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). At the same time, according to the principled position of the head of the National Police of Ukraine, the police officer convicted of illegal actions was dismissed from service “, – the message says.

The day before it was reported that police officer exposed in beating and torturing a man with the requirement to confess to the murder. He faces 10 years in prison.

Recall that in the Zhytomyr region, the police face trial for torturing two men… Demanding to obtain information about the theft of the car, the policeman lowered the hook of the pistol, and then hit the victim on the head with the handle.

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