Tornadoes, storms, floods, weather going crazy. Experts said what to expect in the future

According to meteorologists, we are really at the beginning of a new stormy time.

This year we had the coldest spring in the history of the Czech Republic, then almost the warmest June. This is despite the fact that on the first of June there were five below zero on Horská Kvilda. The strongest tornado has raged in the last hundred years, and Europe is once again plagued by extreme floods and thunderstorms. They killed more than a hundred people this week alone.

One of the theories as to why this is happening is to reduce the temperature difference between the equator and the poles and subsequently change the direction of the high-altitude wind, which blows at a speed of up to eight hundred kilometers above the ground ten kilometers.

“Previously, the wind from the equator to the poles turned east and blew in one direction due to the Earth’s rotation, now the temperature differences between the equator and the poles are not so significant and the wind is turning in different directions,” explains meteorologist Petr Dvořák.

“It zigzags, bends and thus affects pressure formations, it is far less predictable, sometimes on the contrary much more stable,” adds weather consultant Dagmar Honsová.

The result is increasing energy in storm clouds, which then take longer to storm. The ever warmer climate also absorbs more steam and the clouds accumulate into huge supercells. Although they create incredible images in the sky, they can instantly turn into a deadly element.

And so now it is no exception that only in our territory there are temperature differences of even twenty degrees Celsius and torrential downpours, floods and hurricanes return regularly. And they will probably return in the future.



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