Tornado Cash Developer to Interrogate Chainalysis in Money Laundering Trial: CoinDesk

Alexey Pertsev, developer of Tornado Cash, will be able to interrogate the Chainalysis analytical company as part of the money laundering trial. This decision was made by a court in the Netherlands, writes CoinDesk.

Lawyer Keith Cheng said in a commentary to the publication that his client had the opportunity to directly, but in writing, ask the firm about its methods. According to the lawyer, explanations FIOD turned out to be unsatisfactory – they “referenced entities that are not in the Ethereum blockchain.”

August 8, 2022 OFAC placed Tornado Cash on the sanctions list on suspicion of laundering over $7 billion in cryptocurrencies. The services of the service were used, among other things, by the North Korean hacker group Lazarus Group.

Chainalysis estimates that more than $3.5 billion has passed through Tornado Cash since its inception, of which up to $1.2 billion is directly related to theft, hacking, and other illegal operations.

On August 12, Dutch authorities arrested Aleksey Pertsev on suspicion of involvement in money laundering and concealment of criminal financial flows. He denied all accusations against him.

Recall that in April 2023, the court changed the preventive measure for Pertsev to house arrest.

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2023-05-26 16:51:00
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