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Top Ways to Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency and Boost Immunity – Expert Advice from Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital

[Voice of Hope April 9, 2024](Editor: Li Wenhan) According to Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, 27-year-old Ms. Li (pseudonym) has become a “frequent visitor” to the hospital in the past year.

“My immunity is too weak.” Ms. Li said that in the past year, she had been to the hospital no less than 10 times due to various problems such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, sleep disorders, fungal infections, and acute upper respiratory tract infections… “The culprit The culprit turned out to be a severe lack of vitamin D.

Bian Pingda, director of the Department of Metabolic Diseases (Second Cadre Department) of the Geriatric Medicine Center of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, said in an article published on the hospital’s public account that vitamin D deficiency will not only affect the absorption of calcium, leading to osteomalacia and osteoporosis, but also It can affect the body’s immune function and make people susceptible to autoimmune diseases, mental illnesses, microbial infections and other diseases.

Vitamin D deficiency (public domain)

1. Eat only egg whites and not egg yolks

Some people eat eggs every day, but because the yolks “have a bad taste and are difficult to swallow,” they always eat only the whites and not the yolks.

Egg whites mainly provide animal protein, while egg yolks are the main concentration of vitamins, minerals, phospholipids, choline and other nutrients, which are very beneficial to health. Therefore, you cannot discard the egg yolks when eating eggs.

Eggs are one of the main foods to supplement vitamin D. If you don’t eat egg yolks for a long time, it will induce or aggravate vitamin D deficiency.

2. Eat less aquatic food

Aquatic foods are not only rich in high-quality protein, but also rich in vitamin D. Such as sardines, salmon and tuna. Artificially cultured fish contain relatively little vitamin D, mainly because of their short growth time.

3. Use sunscreen every day

Some people don’t get much sunlight because they work indoors; some people put on thick sunscreen every day to keep their skin fair, which can induce vitamin D deficiency.

Eat an egg every day (poxabay)

1. Eat an egg every day. You can eat scrambled eggs, fried eggs, steamed eggs, or you can crush the egg yolk and eat it with porridge.

2. Eat fish, shrimp and other aquatic products twice (300-500 grams) or more times a week. You can cook with others or go to restaurants.

3. Except in summer and autumn when the sun is scorching, do not use sunscreen or barrier cream, and insist on participating in outdoor activities.

4. If necessary, under the guidance of a doctor, inject vitamin D2 injection intramuscularly, and review the vitamin D level after 3-6 months.

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