Top Ten Chinese Golden Songs|ViuTV singer-sponsored rookie award Anson Lo wins Jin Jiang and then passes the trophy (22:58)-20210116-SHOWBIZ

RTHK’s “43rd Top Ten Chinese Golden Songs” will announce the award results tonight in the form of a special cross-media program. The gold, silver, and bronze awards for the Newcomer Award were all arranged by the ViuTV singer. Anson Lo won the gold award, Luo Zhenwei won the silver award, and Jer Liu won the bronze award. However, MIRROR member Anson Kong (Anson Kong), who also competed for the Newcomer Award this year, returned empty-handed again. When Lu Hanting expressed his feelings about winning the award, he said: “I released 3 songs this year. These 3 songs are like an antibiotic. No matter what emotions you have, you can reduce unhappiness and prevent negative emotions from happening again this year. In just one year, I will show you the different aspects of Lu Hanting. The music is like our good friends, happy or unhappy, but also want to find good friends to share, want to have good friends with me, so music and our lives are closely related Stay connected.”

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