Top Rated 4-Star or Higher Ramen Restaurants in Fukuoka Prefecture – September 2023

Top Rated 4-Star or Higher Ramen Restaurants in Fukuoka Prefecture – September 2023

For those looking for recommended 4-star or higher ramen in Fukuoka Prefecture, we will introduce restaurants with high user ratings in September 2023.

Please use this as a reference as it reflects the latest data. Now let’s take a look at the top results.

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Born in 1984, lives in Chiba Prefecture. After entering university, he discovered the love of eating ramen and tsukemen while traveling, and in parallel with his hobby of traveling, he began to go on field trips to other regions (he is just a few steps away from conquering all 47 prefectures). She started posting on ramen information sites and magazines around 2013, and spends her weekends writing miscellaneous notes and visiting new restaurants. Currently, sales are stable at around 250 to 300 cups per year.

Survey overview

This ranking is created based on Google Reviews’ “user rating,” “number of reviews,” “price filter,” and “rating filter.” Please note that only the top affiliated stores are listed.

Survey dateSeptember 22, 2023Related wordsFukuoka Prefecture + RamenNumber of valid reviewsMore than 500 piecesprice filternoneRating filterStars 4 or above

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2nd place: Taiho Ramen Main Branch (4.3pt/2587 reviews)

Second place goes to “Taibo Ramen Honten” in Kurume City. Founded in 1953 as a ramen stand, this ramen shop is representative of the Kurume region and has more than 10 stores in the Kyushu region.

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The ramen, which is made with the “call back soup” that has been made without emptying the pot ever since the restaurant first opened, and the special homemade noodle made at the large “men workshop”, is a gem that has been loved for many years. Toppings such as juicy pork belly, green onions, and Chinese cilantro all come together to create a flavor that is representative of Kurume.

[Address]11-8 Togaicho, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 830-0005 Taihou Ramen

1st place: Ganso Tomato Ramen Shami Ramen Stadium store (4.7pt/2709 reviews)

First place goes to Ganso Tomato Ramen Shami Ramen Stadium branch in Sumiyoshi, Hakata Ward. Their signature menu is the “Original Tomato Ramen,” which uses plenty of tomatoes. The original soup that the owner-chef has created over many years has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, as well as the delicious flavor of the vegetables. The restaurant is popular among women as it is healthy and has an abundance of vegetables.

[Address]Canal City Hakata 5F Ramen Stadium, 1-2 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0018

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