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Top Non-Traditional Investments for Long-Term Profit

“As we observe from customer habits, there are many different types of investments today, but in order for them to increase prosperity, investments must be profitable in the long term. Therefore, it is important to invest your money in areas whose trends you follow and whose specifics you understand. In addition, such non-traditional types of investments are more recommended for diversifying the investment portfolio in addition to traditional investment types in order to reduce risks,” advises Luminor Private banking manager Yulia Upadisheva.

Rare coins

Ancient coins have historical value, symbolizing a particular era or historical event. Coins that are issued in small mintages or with special designs are also popular among collectors, but not all coins attract the attention of collectors. The Bank of Latvia also regularly issues gold and silver coins, which residents can purchase in the hope of their value increasing in the future. For example, a 1 lats coin with a stork issued in 2001 can reach the value of even 50 euros. It is the demand among collectors that will increase the price of coins over the years, contributing to the increase in value. In addition, there are coins that contain precious metals and have a stable value. Old or rare coins are in global demand, which provides liquidity and price stability in the market.

Exclusive watches

High-quality luxury watches from famous brands also tend to increase in value over time. The design of the watch, the materials and technologies used, the finesse of craftsmanship are important here. Expensive watches are often associated with sophistication and success, so they serve as a status symbol in both personal and professional life. Watches can be a good way to provide additional financial protection during times of inflation. Among the world’s most expensive luxury watch brands are, for example, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breguet, etc


Wine traditions are very old, as is wine collecting. By creating an excellent wine selection, its price will only increase and will not be significantly affected by, for example, an economic recession, because the demand will be global. The world’s most expensive wines come from the so-called “old world” regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, etc. Limited production, a good wine year, high quality and demand will drive up prices, potentially providing significant profits. Like luxury watches, a collection of expensive wines often serves as a status symbol. They also have cultural value as they reflect certain winemaking traditions. One of the most expensive bottles of wine ever sold in the world is Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, a wine produced in Burgundy in 1945 and priced at around half a million dollars.

Art values

Investments in art are very popular in the world, and investment in art objects is a significant part of the world’s investment volume. It is estimated that the total amount could be around 1.7 trillion US dollars. Primarily invested in contemporary art and Impressionist works, as well as old master works of art, they are less often affordable. When investing in art, it is important to be aware of trends in order to better predict which artists will become art legends in the future. It should be noted that works of art require a special storage space so that they do not deteriorate and lose value, and it may not be easy to sell them quickly on the market if the need arises.

Old cars

Retro cars have historical value, symbolizing a particular era in automotive design and the engineering achievements of that time. Iconic brands or models increase the attractiveness of a car in the eyes of investors and increase its value over time. The older and rarer the car, the higher its price. If the car is well maintained or restored to its original condition, then its value increase in the long term is quite certain. Unlike investing in securities, cars also have sentimental value, and owners can also participate in various car shows and events.

Retro cars are considered to be vehicles that are at least from the 1970s. On the other hand, the most expensive cars will be those that were released in very limited quantities. Retro car prices have risen faster than stock prices in recent years. The most profitable retro cars are usually from brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz or the American Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette.

Literary treasures

Old books carry historical significance and are attractive to collectors, historians and researchers. It is best to buy rare books from book dealers or at various auctions, and the age of the book is not always important. Sometimes a newer but more popular book, especially if it is signed by the author, can be more expensive than an older one. Similar to works of art, you can also invest in contemporary authors, hoping that they will become very popular in the future. Books are often heirlooms to pass down to children or grandchildren, creating a bond between generations. Book prices can reach really impressive amounts, for example, the collection of scientific writings illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci “Leicester Codex” was bought by Bill Gates for 49.4 million US dollars in 1994.

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