Top Model 9, Episode 12: Who was eliminated from the show? [18.11.2020]

The 12th episode of the 9th edition of “Top Model” is behind us. Who delighted the jurors, and who did a poor job and had to say goodbye to the program on November 18, 2020? The producers of the fashion show prepared unique challenges for the participants.

Top Model“invariably attracts crowds of viewers in front of the screens, curious about how novice models and models are doing, who want to use hard work to transform their talent into an international career and perhaps work on the world‘s biggest catwalks. Currently, we can watch the 9th edition of the fashion show hosted by Joanna Krupa. The latest edition is unique due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic. A week ago three participants dropped out due to the coronavirusso the atmosphere is tense.

The 12th episode of “Top Model 9” is behind us. Participants are becoming more and more bound with each other in private, at the same time the competition enters a sharp stage in which there is no time for mistakes. Each subsequent show or session can be crucial for remaining among the best. One mistake, however, can eliminate even the favorites. Who did the worst to be eliminated from “Top Model” on November 18?

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Top Model 9, Episode 12: Who was eliminated from the show? [18.11.2020]

As every week, the participants of “Top Model” were faced with shows, photo sessions and challenges to tame models with the backstage of professional work, and often allow them to overcome personal limitations. During the outdoor session, Maja did a great job, delighting the jurors and photographers, and Mikołaj clearly flirted with one of the Canadian models invited as a guest. The friends were definitely not thrilled that he was spending little time on them.

The next challenge was the session that required participants to imitate ballet movements. Artistic poses were quite a challenge, but models did very well. Maja flashed again, Karolina was also complimented. The participants were then divided by gender and delegated to two different projects.

The promotion was to be decided by a session in picturesque Greece, and the participants were prepared by one of the most popular Greek stylists.

Finally, in the final episode of “Top Model 9” we will see Mikołaj and Weronika and two people selected in “extra time”. They turned out to be Patrycja and Dominic.


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