Top Livestock-Producing Districts in Pasuruan, Indonesia

Pasuruan ( – Apart from being famous for its agriculture, it turns out that Pasuruan is also famous for being the region with the highest livestock production. Mainly large livestock such as cows, horses, buffaloes and so on.

Unfortunately, not all areas in Pasuruan are recorded as the highest livestock producers. According to data obtained from, out of 25 sub-districts in Pasuruan, only 3 are the largest livestock-producing districts.

Curious? Here are some of them:

1. Pasuruan Regency

This region has a significant role in the livestock sector, especially as the highest large livestock producer in the region.

The total large livestock produced in Pasuruan Regency is 171921 with the following details:

  • Horses: 993 heads.
  • Beef cattle: 92174 heads.
  • Dairy cows: 78519 heads.
  • Buffalo: 235 head.

2. Bend

The district with the highest livestock production in Pasuruan is Lekok. In Lekok there are a total of 22582 livestock with the following details:

  • Horses: 43 heads.
  • Beef cattle: 2363 heads.
  • Dairy cows: 20179 heads.
  • Buffalo: –

3. Roll over

The last is the Nguling sub-district. The total is 15434 livestock with the following details:

  • Horses: 172 heads.
  • Beef cattle: 13476 heads.
  • Dairy cows: 1786 heads.
  • Buffalo: –

For information, the above data is the latest update from the Pasuruan District Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Office on October 3, 2014. (trj)

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