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The debut feature films of director Mārčs Lācis will be completed this week “RevolutionFilming. For the purposes of the film, the Eduards Smiļģis Theater Museum has become the Small Theater, where not only actors but also horses and dogs operate.

“Revolution” has been announced as a surreal comedy about the crisis that will unfold in the world of the theater’s dark behind the scenes. The main roles of the film are actors Ivars Krasts and Armands Bergis.

All the characters and actors in the film are called by their real names. For the fifth time, journalist Andrejs Volmārs plays himself in various films. He explains: “Well, as I say no to people, I will say that I am arrogant. I play Andrejs Volmārs, and no one else can play it. ”

Under the direction of director Mārčs Lāčs, according to the script, the actors are preparing for the premiere banquet. In the attempt, the complex trajectory of the frame is first checked in the frame of the telephone screen in order to protect the operator Marc Ābelis from the weight of the camera. The film will be shot in 14 long shots. “This film has very technical camera challenges, both camera movement and composition, internal frame composition, some shots up to 10 minutes long,” says the film operator.

Mārcis Ābele has already made the third debut film of new directors, all of them are still waiting for their premiere.

“Revolution” is the first attempt at feature film by actor, theater director and now film director Mārčs Lāčs.

“The scenario is based on the architectural features of this building, the cameras walk out the window, a long trips. For myself, not quite a tremor, but a little light ecstasy between a slight shock, but I will be able to make ends meet only next week, when all this journey is over. This thesis is intended as my master’s thesis grand finale, ”Revealed the Bear.

The film is being made at Triton Studio and is expected to premiere at the end of the year. The “revolution” will be the question of how it will affect the Latvian cinema landscape.

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