Top 5 Pizza Places in Southern France: From Traditional to Creative and Delicious

Who doesn’t love pizza? This simple, friendly and affordable dish is a delight for everyone. France is also the largest consumer in the world. Whether you like them traditional or original, here is a selection of very good addresses that will delight your taste buds. Bon appetite!

St-Jean-de-Védas: Comptoir bello, the very tasty

What makes Comptoir Bello pizzas so delicious? The special wheat flour used for the dough? The dough left to mature for 48 hours in the fridge that makes the pizza so light and crispy? Or the warm welcome and smiling service from Amélie and the whole team? It is all of these at once, no doubt. And more. Like the requirement of Laurent Abitbol, ​​the owner of the place, on the products and the “homemade”. Tomato sauce and pesto sauce are prepared with love in the kitchens. At Comptoir bello, we also have a very wide choice of pizzas. Let yourself be tempted by the solegiatta (tomato, mozzarella, serrano ham, cherry tomatoes, arugula, parmesan, pesto) or the honfleur (fresh cream, mozzarella, camembert, candied black cherries, white ham, balsamic cream).

Comptoir bello, 394 rue Théophraste-Renaudot, Saint-Jean-de-Védas. From €14. Open Monday to Saturday noon and evening. 04 67 47 53 61.

St-Julien-les-Rosiers: La Marinara, the champion

Lucien Bruno received this year the title of French champion of Neapolitan pizza a few months ago. “A culmination and the fruit of many years of work”, says the pizza maker who was trained in a school in Naples with a “grand master” who taught him lo schiaffo, a particular way of rolling out the dough neapolitan. In his small premises, he made himself the oven in which he bakes his pizzas for a minute and a half at 450°C. He also pays particular attention to the quality of the products and fetches his mozzarella himself in Italy. Lucien Bruno respects the specifications of Neapolitan pizzas to the letter, which has earned him the title of French champion and success with his customers. Suddenly, he is looking for a place in Alès where he would have more room to deploy all his talents.

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Marinara Pizzeria Napoletana, 14 chemin du Mas-Vidal, in Saint-Julien-les-Rosiers. From p. from 9 €. Every evening except Monday and Tuesday. 06 35 66 94 75.

Nîmes: La Piazzetta, the authentic

It is certainly the best address in Nîmes when you want to have a successful pizza evening with friends or a good lunch on the go. A place where you can enjoy yourself in a setting that looks like a Roman holiday, in the heart of the Ecusson, place du Chapitre with the fountain and the small adjoining garden. A table that has become essential and popular – by Stromae and Louane! – thanks to Katia and Nicola at the helm for 13 years. The couple has no equal in welcoming you, attentive and warm.
The wide choice of pizzas – special mentions to the calzone, the burratina and the buffalina – composes a menu which also offers to taste all the flavors of Italy, from tagliatelle mare monti (guanciale, prawns) to parpadelles à la trevisiana (radicchio, sausage meat, peppers). Icing on the tiramisu, the prices remained very reasonable when others decreed that the pizza should have the price of two. Eccelent!

La Piazzetta, 2A place du Chapitre. Closed from Sunday to Monday. From €11. 04 66 84 93 15.

Saint-Dionisy: Pizza effect, the original

Welcome to Pizza Effect. The reputation of Morgan Manifacier, who has been running the house since 2016, has gone beyond the hills of Vaunage. We come from afar to taste his creative and fresh pizzas. Morgan makes sure to use quality products from the dough to the filling. Particular attention is paid to the quality flour used, ground exclusively for the dough. The mozzarella di buffala which comes directly from Italy is perfectly melting and soft as it should be. Finally, the charcuterie arrives whole and is sliced ​​on the spot. As for vegetables and meat, they are cooked on site. No need to specify after that that the pizzas are very tasty and obviously delicious. Morgan offers seasonal pizzas that compete in originality. For the spring collection, the Sweet with creamy artichoke, The extravagant with creamy lentils and turkey fillet with curry are worth biting into. And if you don’t like pizza, right next door is Burger Effect, the nice address of his sister Melissa (photo).

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Pizza effect, CC Casino Saint-Dionisy. From €11. 04 66 37 90 16. Open every day except Sunday noon.

Pepe and Pina, the station wagon

His Sicilian grandparents – Giuseppe and Giuseppa – opened the pizzeria du Palais in Montpellier in 1965 and made it an institution. Julien Malta, their grandson, (here pictured with his father, Jacques who also ran the pizzeria) took over but in Saint-Jean-de-Védas this time in 2016. He “wanted to give a after all that. The name of my restaurant, Pepe and Pina, it’s them, it’s my grandparents. Pepe, it’s Giuseppe. Pina, it’s Giuseppa. They gave me the know-how. I learned management at Hectare (Editor’s note: he worked there for 10 years). I wanted to revive their spirit in my pizzeria”. Today, he offers a wide menu of pizzas, each as tasty as the other and also everything that Italy has to offer.

Pepepina, 4 rue du Traité de Rome, Saint-Jean-de-Védas. From €11. Closed Sunday and Monday. 04 99 53 99 30.

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