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Top 3 Shark Prone Areas: Florida, South Africa, and Australia

Areas of the world that are prone to sharks should be watched out for because they are very dangerous. Photo: ist

JAKARTA – There are at least 5 regions shark prone in the world to look out for when you visit there. Although shark attack Rarely and usually due to sharks’ ignorance of humans as prey, several areas of the world are known to be shark attack-prone.

Here is a list of seven areas that divers and lovers of marine activities need to watch out for:

Areas of the World that are Vulnerable to Sharks

1. Smyrna Beach, Florida

The waters off Florida are known for shark activity, particularly along the eastern coastline. Florida ranks high in global shark attack statistics due to the congregation of various shark species and high human populations.

Warm, shallow waters and the presence of prey fish draw sharks closer to shore. According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), there have been more than 300 unprovoked shark attacks in Volusia County, where New Smyrna Beach is located. It is thought that this attack usually occurs due to water turbidity due to heavy rain runoff.

2. Gansbaai Beach, South Africa

South Africa is known for its shark diving industry, attracting adventurous travelers looking to see sharks up close, including the fearsome great white. A healthy population of seals and the complex mix of ocean currents make this an ideal habitat for these predators.

In addition there have been an estimated 394 unprovoked shark attacks, including 94 deaths, since the 1940s. Gansbaai has the most significant concentration of great white sharks in such a small area.

3. Bondi Beach, Australia

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