“Top 3 City Cars: Kia Picanto, Mazda2, and Toyota Yaris”

The city car they are the optimal solution for those who live and move in urban environments. Traffic regulations in cities are changing, green mobility is increasing and traffic is constantly increasing, making it increasingly difficult to find available parking spaces. Unsurprisingly, the city car sector has seen considerable success in recent years.

Choosing to opt for a city car instead of alarger cars is motivated by the advantages offered when traveling within cities: reduced dimensions, lower costs and consumption, but also comfort, freedom of movement and, today more than ever, a strong environmental awareness. Easy parking, agility to start off and moving freely have become fundamental elements of a lifestyle that a city car is able to satisfy effectively, optimizing times and responding to space requirements both during stops and when travelling. Let’s take a closer look at these models:

  • Kia Picanto

  • Mazda2

  • Toyota Yaris

Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto is a modern and practical city car, characterized by a length of 360 cm. Despite its small size, it offers ample space both in the passenger compartment and in the trunk. The front features large wraparound headlights, a spacious grille and fake side air intakes, which give a touch of sportiness. Along the side, a lower rib gives momentum to the bodywork. At the rear, the bumper has marked horizontal lines, the rear window is wraparound and the vertical taillights, with an unusual bracket shape, help to make the car visually wider and more robust.

The interior features a rigid plastic dashboard, but pleasant to the touch and to the eyewith well-defined lines. Vertical air vents add personality to the cabin. The prominently positioned 7-inch touchscreen display is easily accessible. The multimedia system allows the use of some smartphone apps via the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto protocols. From 15,000 euros.


Mazda2 presents a dynamic and bold style. Inside, the dashboard with a very small tachometer fits into an overall well-kept environment, although not avant-garde. The central display, with a 7-inch screen positioned prominently on the dashboard, could be smaller. The habitability is adequate for four adults and the boot offers sufficient capacity, although not accessible.

The Mazda2 features a roll-limiting suspension and precise steering. The six-speed manual transmission is suited to agile driving, characterized by quick lever movements. With the update, the automatic option is no longer available and two versions of the 1.5-litre petrol engine are available: the integrated starter motor is connected to the crankshaft and provides rotation assistance during acceleration. During deceleration it is towed by the wheels and produces current, which is stored in a dedicated supercapacitor. From 19,000 euros.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris represents a real revolution in the field of small cars, thanks to the introduction of the hybrid system. In the past, the Yaris was practical, spacious and comfortable, but its lines and interior were lacking in distinctiveness and lacked sporting elements. Now, thanks to a redefinition of proportions and more sinuous shapes, with prominent fenders, the car is more satisfying and displays an aura of pleasant dynamics. Although the driving position is lower, four adults can travel in satisfactory comfort.

The trunk is discreet, similar to the previous model but psmaller than its main competitors. The passenger compartment has a modern style, with a motorcycle-inspired digital dashboard in the richest versions, a rounded dashboard and an excellent multimedia system with an 8-inch screen positioned in the center of the dashboard. The car is well finished, although there are some details that show some savings. From 17,000 euros.

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