Top 15 of the best illustrations on Domien Delforge’s flirting, not easy every day

Hello little keums and little keumettes, today we take you into the world of Domien Delforge aka Studio Stoutpoep, an illustrator who likes to talk about things that annoy, in particular flirting and big forcers, and who responds to that with puns of great inventiveness then inevitably we love and we share it with you. So please follow the loustic quickly on his Insta account @studio_stoutpoep or go directly to its site:

1. “You take my breath away”

2. “I want to feel you inside me”

3. – I prefer drinking coffee to sex – you mean “before” sex “

4. – Are you hot tonight? – Oh yes.

5. – I would like us to be more than friends – You want me to adopt you?

7. – What is it that turns you on the most sexually? – The consent.

8. “Can you shave please?”

9. 50% uterine 50% equine tamponay

And other equally great illustrations

10. The real modern day Peter Pan

11. Attention! global warming.

12. “Hey Siri, show me stupidity”

13. For fans of David Bowie

14. Optimist: the glass is half full; pessimistic: the glass is half empty …

15. He fights injustice with his iron


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