TOP 14 – Pau improves, Bayonne very frustrated

After his fine victories in La Rochelle and against Bordeaux, the Pau section secured a precious 3rd consecutive success, and moreover improved, which takes him out of the red zone. But it wasn’t without difficulty. Béarnais will have to remain humble before the next three meetings which could mark a turning point for this season, either towards the Top 6, or towards the fight for retention: transition to castres (December 3), reception of Bayonne (December 22) and shipping to French stadium (December 30).

If the defense was perfectly fine, the section suffered in touch and scrum. A few minutes from the end he risked defeat and finally conquered the offensive bonus with a 3rd try by Maddocks (78th), after those by Gailleton (20th) and Daubagna (26th). However, the Corréziens were still recovering. Here are 5 points that make the most.

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