Top 10 optional features that drivers want in the car. Which are considered completely useless

Friday, October 22, 2021, 10:40 p.m.

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The new cars come with an increasingly varied range of equipment, especially in the area of ​​safety and comfort of the driver and passengers.

In order to cope with the latest technological world and customer preferences in line with them, most car manufacturers offer a growing number of optional equipment, some of them extremely attractive to drivers and others being considered completely useless.

According to several international studies, including the studies of the well-known research company in car marketing, Auto Pacific, a series of optional features have been identified that are preferred by drivers, but also a list of those that they would not want on board the car, because they consider them unnecessary or unpleasant.

Below you can read about the most sought after 10 useful features that most drivers want in their own car:

1. heated seats;

2. blind spot detection system;

3. front and rear parking sensors;

4. parking sensors;

5. lane departure warning system;

6. heliomatic mirrors (with darkening);

7. multimedia system, preferably with interface Apple CarPlay / Android Auto;

8. lights with LED technology;

9. steering wheel heating;

10. 230 V socket inside and as many USB ports as possible

The preferences expressed by drivers are based on clear safety options, such as: blind spot detection system, parking sensors or lane departure warning, details that we also find in older studies, from 2014 or 2015.

The market analyzes also targeted the equipment that drivers do not like and that they would probably never use or that they consider would give extra money in vain. Indeed, it is important to pay only what you think suits you.

What does the ranking of the most useless and unpleasant endowments look like in the vision of some drivers:

1. head-up display;

2. electronic noise optimization motor;

3. the possibility to shop through the infotainment system of the car;

4. biometric features;

5. gesture control;

6. “concierge” services;

7. autonomous management;

Autonomous vehicles are not yet in the general preferences of drivers, being, for the moment, a rather abstract notion. On the other hand, car manufacturers are convinced that they represent the future of the car industry. So we have to wait until this technology is fully studied and implemented properly and friendly, to gain ground in the list of options and safety of drivers around the globe.

“The low interest could be determined by the fact that people do not really understand the benefits that these facilities can offer and, as a result, consider them useless”, according to “In addition, some of the drivers look with some skepticism at some features, such as: biometric features.”



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