Too much for Theresia Fischer? Her husband takes over Instagram

Theresia Fischer (29) needs a break! In the past few weeks and months it has become rather quiet about the former Germany’s next top model candidate. Despite this, she has regularly kept her fans happy on her social media account. The followers of the model will no longer be there in the coming days Theresia meet in person. Her husband Thomas Behrend spoke up there and announced an Instagram break. Is everything too much for his wife?

As fans caught a glimpse of the Tuesday morning Instagram-Story of TV fame, an unfamiliar face smiled at them. “For anyone who’s wondering, ‘Who is that?’ I am Thomas – the husband of Theresia and Theresia takes a break from Instagram for two to three weeks. So I said I’d take over her account,” her lover announced. And in fact, he immediately explained why the beauty was retiring for the time being. “Theresia is actually always on her cell phone. From time to time there is frustration – where does that come from? I have the feeling that she thinks a lot about the content of her posts.”, he described.

Thomas is of the opinion that his partner often puts too much pressure on herself to entertain her fans and therefore appeals to the community to give him honest feedback. “Does she think too much about it? Does it always have to be so profound?”, asked he. In his opinion, an uncommented photo from time to time is completely sufficient.

Theresia Fischer, former GNTM candidate

Instagram / theresiafischer

Theresia Fischer with her husband Thomas
Ex-GNTM-Kandidatin Theresia Fischer

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