Too many new corona infections in Frankfurt: third escalation level

WDue to the increased number of new corona infections, the city of Frankfurt will tighten the rules for protection against new infections in the course of Monday. The head of the health department could do exactly what to expect Stefan Majer (The Greens) in conversation with F.AZ. not yet say. The procedure should only be determined in the health department on Monday morning, he said. Above all, stricter controls in places where there are currently a lot of infections are thought of. New infections have recently occurred at workplaces and when workers are transported in minibuses, in bars and during training in smaller clubs.

Especially among Eintracht fans, the excitement was great on Friday when the number of in Frankfurt Corona-New infections soared. After all, the audience participation in the Waldstadion on Saturday was at stake. While the so-called incidence, i.e. the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days, was 25.3 on Thursday in the Main metropolis, it rose to 41.4 on Friday. The third warning level of the prevention and escalation concept of the state of Hesse came into force for the city, which entails stronger restrictions for the population.

However, since the outbreak could be “largely limited to a specific local event,” said Majer on Friday, the health department decided to play the home game of Frankfurter Eintracht against the TSG Hoffenheim to take place with the planned number of spectators. “We don’t see any overlap between the local infection rate and the guests of the Eintracht-Frankfurt game. Therefore, a reduction in the number of viewers is not infectiously necessary, ”said the deputy head of the Frankfurt health department, Antoni Walczok.

Critical values ​​in the city and district of Offenbach

Starting from an outbreak in a mail distribution center in Obertshausen, many residents of a communal accommodation in Frankfurt were infected. According to the city, refugees, Eastern Europeans and the homeless live in the accommodation. Because distance rules and mask requirements had apparently not been observed there, 116 contact persons, residents and employees were infected by Sunday, Majer reported. The people who tested positive and family members were isolated in other accommodations. Other contact persons are in quarantine. More than half of the infected are asymptomatic, two infected people with more severe symptoms are regularly visited by doctors from the health department. A patient with a serious underlying disease is treated in the university clinic.

On Sunday in Frankfurt with 293 new infections within seven days, the incidence fell to 38.3 per 100,000 inhabitants. But the health department expected a value over 40 again for Monday due to reporting delays at the Robert Koch Institute on Monday. 172 new infections were reported by the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs on Sunday for all of Hesse. The total number of cases registered in Hessen since the outbreak of the pandemic rose to 19,788. The death toll remained unchanged at 552.


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