Too many defaults: Energy supplier Bolt introduces customer blockade in Brussels and Wallonia | Economy

“Bolt is temporarily not accepting new customers in Wallonia and Brussels,” Bolt spokeswoman Dorien Janssens said. “Due to the energy crisis in combination with the existing regulations in Wallonia and Brussels, we as a company do not want to take any risks, face the crisis and continue to grow healthy.” Bolt hopes to “admit the new inhabitants of Brussels and the Walloons to the platform as soon as possible”.

“We see that electricity and gas prices are falling again in the last few days,” says Janssens. “If this trend continues, we can pick up soon. We evaluate the situation weekly ”.

The fact remains that the Brussels and Wallonia regulations are not ideal for energy suppliers. “We have noticed that there are more defaults in those regions. The message to the government is therefore: do something about it ”.

“Energy suppliers in Brussels and Wallonia have to pay unpaid bills: we still have to pass energy, grid costs and taxes to governments and the grid operator, even if we are unable to collect them. On the other hand, the supplier must continue to supply energy for a very long period, even after the bills have already been repeatedly defaulted. In Flanders the regulations are more balanced ”.

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