Too confident, Ukraine says its missiles are aiming at Moscow, ready to eliminate Russia


KIEVUkraine is developing long-range missiles that can reach Moscow. Ukrainian officials have warned Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to be aware that any attack on Kiev could result in the obliteration of all of Russia.

Speaking to the Dom TV network, Ukrainian official Alexey Arestovich warned the Kremlin that Kiev would soon have the capability to strike the Russian capital with its missiles.

Arestovich served as an adviser to the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The statement shows Ukraine is very confident (PeDe) with its military capabilities in the event of war with Russia.

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“Putin will get to a point, in the future, where Ukrainian missiles will be aimed at Moscow, and for one simple reason: we are working on a missile program. And our operational tactical missiles will be able to reach Moscow,” said Arestovich.

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In Arestovich’s opinion, “The Russian Army is already aware of Ukraine’s military capabilities, and the head of the armed forces informed the Kremlin that an attack on Ukraine would be the end of the Russian army and the end of the Russian Federation.”

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“It’s a completely lost option. They can’t fail to understand that.”



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