“Too bad that loving a woman is political”

Rather discreet about her private life, Angèle agreed to step out of her reserve in a recent interview with She on the occasion of the release next December of his new album called Ninety-five. Romeo’s sister Elvis returned to her outing in 2019 by a magazine and the revelation, a few weeks later via a post on her Instagram account, of her relationship with YouTuber Marie Papillon.

Become a figure of the LGBT community since she publicly mentioned her romance with the one sheShe calls “ his then girlfriend », Angèle accepts this new status while regretting that her bisexuality “Be a subject” in itself. “ When it came to posting this photo, I had already been outraged by the press, it was no longer a scoop, but an affirmation. The idea was to say that I had fallen in love with a woman but that hadn’t changed anything. Too bad the fact of loving women is political… I would find it wonderful if it was no longer a subject, even if, objectively it still is, and I cannot blame people for bringing it up. At the same time, it is important to talk about it, because we all need representations She says.

The singer does not hide besides that the lack of representation in her youth had consequences on her personal journey to understand her sexuality. “ I might have understood faster that I was bi. I would have lied less to myself, and I would have lived other stories ”, she regrets as well.

If the years that have just passed have enabled Angèle to understand her sexuality, they have also enabled her to become stronger and to change her outlook on a number of things. “ I have a more focused look on what I want, and on what I don’t want (…) Clearly, there were times when I had lost the real Angela (…) I said to myself that if people decided that they had the right to know things about me or that they projected their fantasies, it was because I no longer belonged to myself, that I had lost control of my image ”.

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