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Tonya Matvienko’s Birthday Fundraiser for Ukrainian Fighters Raises 1 Million UAH

On the occasion of his birthday, the artist’s beloved announced a fundraiser for Ukrainian fighters.

Ukrainian singer Tonya Matvienko Today, April 12, celebrates his birthday. The artist turned 43 years old.

On this occasion her husband is a musician Arsen Mirzoyan on his photo blog page he dedicated a tender post to his wife, in which he addressed her many warm congratulatory words.

“My bead, I congratulate you on your birthday! I love you, always there, always yours. Don’t count the years – the years are not yours. Good morning and that’s it,” Arsen delighted with the caption.

In turn, Tonya Matvienko, on the occasion of the holiday, announced the gathering and called on her fans donate to help the soldiers of the 8th MTR Regiment. In particular, the singer set a goal to raise 1 million UAH.

“Today I’m 43. I dream of only one thing, like millions of Ukrainians. So, to bring our common dream closer, I accept congratulations in the form of a donation for electronic warfare and FPV funds. For the soldiers of the 8th Special Forces Regiment. The goal is 1 million UAH,” the star called birthday girl

The artist also showed how her eldest daughter Ulyana and youngest Nina Matvienko congratulated her in the morning. Arsen poses in the photo with them. So, they prepared a surprise for Tonya and met her with goodies on the street.

Let us remind you that recently singer Arsen Mirzoyan sharply responded to reproaches on the Internetthat he was “having fun” at concerts during the war.

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